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Matthieu Blaise

Deputy Director - Ressource Consulting
Director of Fleet management and mobility practices

For more than 10 years, Matthieu Blaise has assisted more than 150 companies in optimizing costs and uses related to indirect product categories with a strong background in automobile fleets and new mobility solutions, specifically in terms of HR.


I TCO: actual vs. theoretical TCO, optimization, decrease, stabilization...
I Regulations, taxation and benefits in kind: NEA, NDA, VAT, TVS, Bonus/Malus, LOM law...
I Car and mobility policy: car/mobility policies and uses, integration of new mobilities, MAAS, purchase of French vehicles, car policy, CSR...
I Fleet management: diagnosis and management tools.
I Fleet electrification: choice of engines according to use, key factors for electrifying the fleet, organization of EV and PHEV charging.


Nicolas Durand-Gasselin


Nicolas Durand-Gasselin has been an attorney for over 20 years. He is an associate within the firm Tuffal-Nerson Douarre and Associates (TNDA). This firm specialized in social law is often contacted for complex and sensitive cases as well as for high-risk litigation, specifically in terms of discrimination, reorganizations and occupational health.


I Car policy
I Geolocation
I Sustainable mobility package

I Driver's license and employment contract: verification and withdrawal of points, loss of license, traffic violations, drunk driving, etc.
I Company car: terms and conditions of granting and use


Yohann Dessalle
Founder and Director
After 20 years of managing fleets of commercial vehicles, trucks and company cars, Yohann DESALLE created Thluki conseils two years ago to support fleet managers in their energy transition and the digital transformation of their activities.


I Energy transition of fleets: choosing among the different energies available for LCVs and trucks, preparing the technical and human aspects
I Decarbonization of mobility: beyond the energy transition, redesigning the organization of the mobility of goods and people to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
I Digital transformation: using digital tools to optimize the fleet, making the digital transformation profitable
I Electrification: analysis of usage, calibration and positioning of charging stations according to usage
I Change management: training, acculturation to climate change, to ensure the success of the change.


Patrick Martinoli
Expert Advisor for Car Fleets, Leasing & New Mobilities
PCDM Automotive
Through his 40 years of experience in the industry and the press, Patrick Martinoli has managed numerous automotive technical innovation projects. Formerly deputy director of innovation projects and automotive expertise at Orange, he managed a fleet of approximately 20,000 vehicles throughout France.


I Policy and methods for the deployment of low emission vehicles : electric, hybrid, hydrogen

I Policy for the implementation of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles
I Deployment of sustainable mobility: law on the orientation of mobility (LOM), mobility plan, carpooling
I Deployment of car-sharing: use, deployment, consolidation

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