Charging stations for electric vehicles


The 2024 edition of the Rencontres Flotauto Paris gives top billing to eMobility and proposes a wide range of solutions dedicated to recharging infrastructures for electric vehicles within the new ChargeAuto space:
  • More than 60 specialized exhibitors in electric vehicle recharging infrastructure. Discover our exhibitors
  • Exhibition of charging stations: learn more about the different models and management methods.
  • Guided visits: by a specialized journalist from the Flottes Automobiles magazine.
  • Expert consultants in electromobility: available for a private consultation.
  • Conferences on the key criteria to take into account when installing stations as well as feedback from experienced fleet managers.


1 - Meet with an expert in eMobility

Expert consultants in eMobility are available for a free consultation on your issue.
Click here to make an appointment


2 - Guided visits of the recharging station exhibit

You will have the opportunity to discover the latest recharging station models at the 2024 Rencontres Flotauto Paris Trade Show. Timeslots for visits will become available so you can ask all your questions to our journalist specialized in eMobility.

The times for the guided visits will be available soon.